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At Wojtowicz Dental, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care tailored to the unique needs of our patients. Our practice is led by Dr. Emily Wojtowicz, a dentist in Richland Center, WI, who combines a deep commitment to dental health with advanced technological approaches to offer a range of services, including preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as specialized treatments like root canal therapy and tooth extractions.

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Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants are a robust and long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth. They consist of a titanium post implanted directly into the jawbone, topped with a custom-fabricated crown, bridge, or denture. Implants mimic the look and function of natural teeth.

The Dental Implant Process Explained

Dental implants

Initial Consultation

Your treatment begins with a detailed consultation, during which we assess your dental health and discuss your expectations. This step is crucial to ensuring dental implants are the right choice for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Implant Placement

The titanium post, acting as the new tooth root, is surgically placed into the jawbone. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia or sedation to ensure patient comfort.

Same-day crowns


After placement, the implant undergoes osseointegration, fusing with the jawbone to provide a stable foundation for the replacement tooth.

Same-day crowns


Once the integration is complete, we place the crown, bridge, or denture, customized to match your natural teeth and fit perfectly in your bite.

Benefits of Dental Implants

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Functionality and Comfort

Dental implants replicate the functionality of natural teeth, enabling you to eat, speak, and smile comfortably. They enhance your ability to enjoy a variety of foods and clarify your speech, which can be impaired by missing teeth. This combination of effectiveness and comfort makes dental implants popular for those seeking reliable dental solutions.

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Dental implants are built to last, potentially serving you for a lifetime with proper maintenance. They represent a significant commitment to dental health, offering a long-term solution without frequent replacements or adjustments typical with other dental prostheses.

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Dental implants are crafted to mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth, significantly enhancing your smile and facial aesthetics. Each implant is custom-crafted to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, matching their color and shape to ensure it complements your natural appearance perfectly.

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Bone Health

Implants play a crucial role in maintaining jawbone health by stimulating bone growth, which can prevent the bone loss that typically follows tooth loss. This process helps preserve the natural contours of your face and jaw and avoids the appearance of facial collapse that often accompanies missing teeth.

Did you know…

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Keeping up with preventive care can save you money, time, and future dental pain.

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Dental Implant Options

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Single Tooth Implants

These implants replace individual missing teeth without altering neighboring teeth, preserving more of your natural tooth structure. They provide a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

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Implant-Supported Bridges

Ideal for replacing several teeth, these bridges are supported by implants rather than natural teeth. This method preserves the remaining teeth and provides a stable, more durable solution for larger gaps in your smile.

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Full Arch Replacements

A comprehensive solution for those who have lost all their teeth in an arch. These replacements are designed to restore the mouth's full functionality, improving aesthetics and the ability to chew and speak comfortably.

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All-on-4® Implants

This revolutionary full-arch restoration uses four implants strategically placed in the jaw. This technique offers a faster recovery time and significantly reduces the need for bone grafting, commonly required in traditional implant procedures.

Why Choose Wojtowicz Dental?

At Wojtowicz Dental, we are committed to excellence in all aspects of dental care. Our clinic combines the latest dental technologies with personalized care, ensuring patients receive treatment tailored to their needs. Our team is continuously trained in the latest techniques to provide the best possible results.


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How long does the dental implant process take?

The duration of the dental implant process varies, typically extending over several months. This timeframe is necessary for osseointegration, where the implant integrates with the jawbone.

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Are dental implants painful?

The implant procedure generally causes minimal discomfort. Any discomfort experienced after the procedure can usually be managed effectively with standard pain medication.

How do I care for my dental implants?

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Dental implants should be cared for like natural teeth. This includes regular brushing, flossing, and attending dental check-ups to maintain oral health.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

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Dental implants are highly successful, with a success rate often exceeding 95% when properly maintained.

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